The international network of the Start4Change project is composed of selected institutions. Each one brings with it a peculiarity that makes it so valuable for cooperation in this project. It is a mixture of research and education skills and the development of good practice over the last years. Here is an overview of the partner institutions supporting the project.

Starkmacher e.V. - Germany

Starkmacher e.V. (founded. 2006) is a non-profit organization of civil society, which is mainly active at grassroots level. The aim is to strengthen and empower people to respond positively to the lack of orientation, lack of opportunities for development, emerging frustration and increasing prospects. The focus of the activities is on projects in the fields of adult education, intercultural learning and youth work in different social and ethnic environments. Social inclusion projects, including integration into the labour market, represent a further focus of work. The target group is the most disadvantaged groups, such as young unemployed, early school dropouts, juvenile offenders and prison inmates.
Starker e.v. maintains close relations with local, Reg. & National Charities, other NGOs and relevant ministries, public authorities and private companies/SMEs. The organisation has access to international networks of friendly institutions and is now active throughout Europe, as well as in some countries of Latin America, Africa and Asia.

UEZ: Udruga za ekonomiju zajednistva - Croatia

Udruga za ekonomiju zajednistva translates into economy in community and has set itself the goal of stopping the exodus of young people, especially from the rural regions of Croatia. UEZ is a partner of a worldwide network of incubators that realize an economic style for the benefit of Society. However, the incubator idea is only under construction and UEZ is looking for partners to refine and develop the programs and activities towards social entrepreneurship. They currently have a group of established social entrepreneurs from croatia, bosnia, serbia, Macedonia and Kosovo who support this idea thematically. They offer regular training and conferences for young people from all these countries to develop social entrepreneurship.

Petrklic Help - Czech Republic

Petrklic Help, z.s. is a civic association founded in 2005. The seat of the Organisation is in Cesky Tesin - City divided by the river into Czech (Cesky Tesin) and Polish part (Cieszyn).

The association is a platform for creativity and supports Young People by offering them space for realizing their own ideas and developing skills.

The values of Petrklic help:

  • Believe in the capabilities of Young People
  • strive for having a personal Approach to every Young People
  • offer innovative, creative, highly-developed programs of non-formal education
  • welcome all Young People and listen to their ideas
  • co-operate with other organizations and value their work

Petrklic`s activities can be divided to two categories. Regular and occasional ones. All the activities connected to the organization are relevant to the future participation in the Erasmus+ program.

Stowarzyszenie Serfenta - Poland

The Serfenta Association is a leading Institution in the field of basketry studies. The Association exists so that basketry could live. The work is meant to preserve the Tradition and knowledge passed on from Generation to Generation. They also teach Young People to become experts in a dying skill. Since 2008 Serfenta has been concentrating on saving and promoting basketmaking as a unique cultural heritage - both in and outside Poland - and has an intensively focus on safeguarding of the handicraft. The long-term Goal is to implement basketry in the UNESCO List.

vwz Nieuwe Mensheid / asbl Nouvelle Cité - Belgium

Nieuwe Mensheid / Nouvelle Cité is a centre of 4 companies in the Economy in Community. They plan to bring their good experiences more into the promotion of young Entrepreneurs. In this context, there were contacts with Starkmacher, which are now to be deepened in the cooperation in the Project. The employees bring great experience as social Entrepreneurs. They need the expertise of the project for attractive educational formats for young people, as they plan to set up a non-formal qualification program for entrepreneurial action.


Perhaps you have an idea of how the rural area can become even more attractive, have suggestions for us, what we can complement or do better? Would you like to get in touch with us? Here are the addresses:

Contact Germany

Starkmacher e.V.
Christian Röser
Coblitzallee 8
68163 Mannheim

Contact Croatia

Peter Fabjan
Franje Rackog 26
48260 Krizevci

Contact Czech Republic

Petrklic help
Petr Kantor
Hrabinska 458/33
737 01 Cesky Tesin
Czech Republic

Contact Poland

Stowarzyszenie Serfenta
Anna Krezelok
Przykopa 2/5
43-400 Cieszyn






Contact Belgium

Nieuwe Mensheid / Nouvelle Cité
Alexis Versele
Aarschotsesteenweg 383
3111 Wezemaal

Contact Italy

Pietro Isolan
Via San Vito 37A
50064 Incisa in Val d'Arno